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Dual Immersion Program

Pueblo Vista offers a Spanish and English Dual Language Immersion Program. Students who begin the program in Kindergarten will be bilingual and bi-literate by the end of the 5th grade. By developing fluency in two languages, we are able to offer a rich, culturally diverse experience for the entire school community.

our program goals

  • Students gain bilingual and bi-literacy skills.
  • Students make progress academically in two languages.
  • Students gain a deeper appreciation for other cultures as well as their own

What does this mean for my student?

  • Students who begin a dual immersion program in Kindergarten will be bilingual and biliterate by the end of 5th grade. The program will begin in Kindergarten with 90% of instruction in Spanish and 10% of instruction in English.  The percentages will shift each year so 5th graders will have 50% of both English and Spanish by the end of 5th grade.
  • Students will develop empathy and cultural awareness.
  • Research indicates that bilingualism leads to better abstract thinking, increased attention span and self-control.

Bilingual Links and Resources

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